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Welcome to Frijolywood, an organization founded by a group of Mexican filmmakers working in Hollywood who are eager to help each other and their community grow within the US entertainment industry.

Orlette Ruiz • Elias Nahmias • Emilia Arau • Vange Tapia • Fernando Lebrija • Ricardo Nuñez



Mambo Casting

Mambo is a leading casting company based in Los Angeles with 25 years experience. We take pride in finding the best faces for TV Commercials, Print, Digital Media, TV Series, Theatre, Film, Short Films, Corporate films & Music Videos. “We are not older, we are Wiser” – Orlette Ruiz

Emilia Arau

From accomplished Film Producer in Mexico to passionate and committed “Realtor of the Stars” in Los Angeles. Emilia Arau combines her solid negotiation skills with her natural creativity to solve any task in order to make her client’s real estate dreams come true.

Regis Social Media

Regis Social Media is a boutique, family-run social media agency in the West Los Angeles area, servicing clients throughout the USA, Mexico and Australia. We help our clients - from small businesses to individual entrepreneurs - fully utilize online marketing tools to increase visibility, attract new customers and create value for long-term customer growth. Contact Us to make a difference in your online endeavors.

Tono Studios

We Treat Audio as Art. Conveniently locate in the heart of Santa Monica CA, Tono Studios is one of the most accomplished and respected audio-post facilities in the advertising industry. Working seamlessly in both the Hispanic and General-Market media. Tono has a well earned reputation for setting the gold standard in audio-post quality, regardless of language.

Irreversible Cinema

We’re a production company that produces Films, TV Series ,commercials, and music videos, We also offer production services for any type or level of production in the US and Mexico. Irreversible also creates and develops content for Feature Films, Television, Cable and the Web. We secure production financing for films and episodes and release them globally in partnership with different distributors.

Blank Films

We are a full-service production company specializing in the conception and execution of music videos, commercials and feature films. With an in-house arsenal of the best tools the industry has to offer, we're able to produce high-end, creative content that employs the cutting edge and challenges convention.

HTV Studio

We believe the impossible can be turned into possible with hard work, love and passion. We create solutions for advertising entertainment that make our clients smile. We love our people, our culture and our values.

Altered. LA

Altered.LA is a group of friends. Friends who happen to be storytellers and filmmakers. Friends who collaborate breaking down concepts to their bare bones only to build them up again only this time, they give them wings. We write together, we film together, and we explore new cinematic languages together. We are Kree8 | We are CatatoniaUSA | We are Altered.LA - and we are a production company.


Aug. 2016

Sony Screen Gems Mixer
Director Alfredo Ibarra, Producer Pepón Gallegos, Developer Jolene Rodríguez, Writer René Herrera, Director Roberto Girauld & Actress Vange Tapia

Aug. 2016

Directors’s Master Class: Juan Jose Campanella (El secreto de sus ojos, el hijo de la novia) Jonathan Jacubowicz (hands of stone) and Patricia Riggen (under the same moon) Moderator: Fernando Lebrija

Feb. 2016

Frijolywood Awards.
Ricardo Nuñez. Elias Nahmias. Julieta Rubio
Emilia Arau. Orlette Ruiz. Vange Tapia. Paty Rubio

Gilberto Gazcon. Emilia Arau. Marianne Sauvage.

February. 2009

Oscar Pre-Pachanga / Rodrigo Prieto. Roberto Sneider. Alfonso Arau. Yareli Arizmendi. Alberto Gonz. Reyna.Jimmy Shaw. Scott Hamilton Kennedy.Vivianne Nacif. Sergio Guerrero. Orlette Ruiz.

October. 2010

“Show me yours and I’ll Show you Mine” Short Film Showcase VENHO (Venezolanos in Hollywood and Frijolywood. Alejandro Cardenas -Actor & Pakriti Maduro Actress – Director.

October. 2011

Out Side the Box Art Exhibit.
Ricardo Aguilar Artist. Vivianne Nacif – Actress-Producer.

April. 2009

Int. Women’s Day Screening
Hilda Mercado. Dir. of Photography & Checo Varese. Dir. of Photography.
Talking about the documentary “Women Behind the Camera”


Frijolywood con sabor a México

Cineastas nacionales trabajan en conjunto en Hollywood para promover fuentes de trabajo. Frijolywood, un grupo creativo formado por  500 miembros dentro de la industria de cine y entretenimiento. Frijolywood con sabor a México Artículo de  Lucero Calderón. Excelsior.   Save Save Save Save

Mexicanos Nominados al Oscar 2017

Rodrigo Prieto es nominado por su fotografía, en la película “Silencio”, de Martin Scorsese. Dos mexicanos participan en películas nominadas: Steve Beimler como jefe de locaciones en “La La Land” y Leonardo Olea el diseñador de títulos y créditos finales del corto animado “Pear Cider and Cigarrettes”. Artículo del Universal: Mario Székely http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/articulo/espectaculos/cine/2017/02/26/mexicanos-en-la-fiesta-del-oscar Cada año […]

Como inicio Frijolywood

Como inicio Frijolywood En Marzo del 2006, se reúnen en Silver Lake California, un grupo de amigos para celebrar los nominados  a la premiación de el Oscar. Dentro de los nominados aparecen:  Emanuel Lubezki y Rodrigo Prieto por sus trabajos realizados en . “The New World” y el Secreto de la Montaña”. La fiesta es […]